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Hi, I'm Shalini Raghaviah

I’m a research & communications specialist, with 20 + years in different sectors of the media & communications industry, including research, film & TV production, and training. I set up Firebird Media in 2008, a consulting firm that specialises in providing communications solutions for development sector agencies, that brings about the right outcome for their social interventions.  

  • As a researcher – I carry out Need & Impact Assessments, Baseline & Endline surveys, Project reviews, case studies, customised research.
  • As a writer – I write well-researched and crafted articles and blogs on development issues.
  • As a film maker – I have produced several documentaries and training videos that capture social transformation in India.
  • As a trainer – I have trained students at post graduate level Media and Communications using interactive and participative methods.  

I’m an avid traveller, a former dancer and a dance enthusiast.

20 + years industry experience in media and communications, including TV and film production, research & training, writing, and film making.

Training / teaching experience at post graduate degree / diploma in communications and media studies.

Background in Physics honours with Communication & Journalism. Received training from BBC World Service and New York Film Academy. 

Award winning film maker; won Best Director Award for fiction short film Watch the Stars for me Tonight, also screened at several national and international film festivals, including Kolkata International Film Festival and Golden Bridge International Film Festival, Moscow.

Former Director of Communications with a Corporate.

My Mission

Redefine Education

My mission is to help people and organisations communicate their purpose and mission to the world, and specifically to their target audience. I believe this creates common understanding, resolves problems, and impacts lives.  

My Vision

Digital Coaching

Through my flagship membership program Business Communication Mastery, I’m on a mission to empower 100,000 students and professionals to gain confidence and clarity in communications, to become the most effective, authentic and confident versions of themselves. Ultimately it will lead to higher career growth.

My Expertise

Business Growth Hub

With 20+ years in the media & communications industry spanning film & TV production, research & training and film making, I grasp the essence of any subject, simplify it in common terms and communicate it in a simple and effective way to the target audience.

3-steps to becoming an effective communicator

Step 1

Assess current state and get clarity on your pain points

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2

Choose a membership type that suits you and work on your problem area, while continuing to sharpen your strong areas

Step 3

Practice and implement - practice and complete your assignments and you are already in a better place!

Step 3

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What customers say

At PRADAN, we have worked with Firebird Media since 2017. Shalini is an excellent researcher, very thorough in her methods and in the conduct of the field visits. She takes time to understand the subject and to go into the details and is extremely punctilious and methodical in painting an accurate and thoughtful treatment of the subject. She is proficient in both the written as well as video forms. In the first assignment, she conducted an in-depth study of PRADAN’s ‘model villages’ in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, which was extremely detailed and brought out change dimensions which were extremely useful both for the project teams, and the organization as well as for sharing with the donor who supported the project. In the second assignment, she covered a story of Panchayati Raj Institutions-Community Based Organisations convergence in Jharkhand. This assignment has also been quite useful in documenting the change and for conveying to various stakeholders. Shalini is willing to do extensive travel. She takes feedback positively and does not hesitate to rework on the assignment accordingly. Lastly, her sense of ethics is commendable.  

Madhu Khetan

Integrator, PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action), New Delhi

a National Support Organisation (NSO) for the Government of India and five State Governments

3 steps to Master Your Business Communication and Achieve Professional Growth

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